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tara? >> reporter: it started raining during the halloween hour so a lot of kids and parents decided to call it an early night. we have a light rain with hydroplaining conditions and motorists definitely are dealing with the morning commute as the rain is expected until this afternoon. rain tends to deter criminal activity and there may have been less trouble on the streets of san francisco last night. i am tara moriarty you ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man was shot and killed at a cell phone store. it happened last night on international boulevard. the man who talked about the shooting said it may have happened during a robbery
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attempt. in just a few hours nurses will walk off and they are talking about changes to sick leave when nurses call is reduction in patient care standards. san leandro hospital, delta and antioch, they have been hired to fill in for striking nurses. an estimated one million came in to celebrate the world's victory. the manager bruce bochy brought out the trophy in front of city hall. this is both married lee with a broom deciding more and more
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fans thank the fans for their unwavering reports. >> we went to st. louis and they were not as lloyd as you and quite frankly, detroit was not even close to as loud as you. that is why i sang that for you and of course the signature song... >> i left my heart in san francisco sister. pitchers and lance cup dashes lance company -- lance kim was there they were all fired up about the world series win and it is just good stuff. >> yeah, i know that guy. >> 49ers joined in and jim harbaugh drove the car and
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quarterback george smith carried a perfect game north smith, his teamer became the talk on twitter, here is the controversy over his choice in clothes. -- clothing. san francisco police are looking for as many as two blocks away just before 3:00 one man was seriously injured when he was shot in the head. both victims are from union city and it does not appear to be connected to the giants celebration. it is clear the recovery
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from super storm sandy will take a long time. the death toll number and ins on sandy has taken as high as $55 million and president barack obama said new york was a top priority and promised help. amtrak plans to restore service and it is free to ride mass transit today. they are trying to get officials back running and most new jersey is skull shut down. environmentalists say the state may not want to rebuild because of more extreme weather but if
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they do build they should build behind more walls and 6 5,000 people are still in shelters. a driver who hit two children in the crosswalk, the the accident happened while trick or treating. a 10-year-old and 40-year-old boy were taken to the hospital. it is unclear whether the driver will face charges. the meanwhile officials say a driver was killed after crashing a car on todd road last night. authorities have not said what caused that crash. bart may have a solution for nasty problems. they are trying block wind rain and homeless people on
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escalators no word on when the protection plan will become reatty. >> definitely people need to be careful out there pam and brian. you can see it is raining out there and you will need some extra time for your mean -- travel and things are starting off well in the south bay. northbound 280 looks good and on the monterey, there is a crash with injuries, let's go
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to steve. >> well our system definitely slowed down but once it hit the north bay, now a little waved has formed and it is moving more east than south and i will show you that in a second. temperatures are on the mild side. we have some breaks back in there so it is moving, but it looks like a lot of rain cover as the coverage starts moving down. i think we will have so bitterness and there is a lot of light green. those who have been to the north about a 10th of an inch and 95% of the forecast and
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after that it will start to warm up sunday and on day. hey... >> some blame the rain while others say halloween limited the crowds in the castro district but many who turned out had a lot of giants and they did not report any serious this year. -- serious problems this year the only problem they ran out of candy.$♪ they are known for scary decorations. it has the youngest overseas.
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doctors at the speed am yack will buy back your candy and trip it oversees to troops. others exchange candy for money and toothbrushes. and we have a celebration with several people being shot on the usc campus. good morning if you are driving on highway 4 westbound, this looks good getting up to the grade and we will have more getting up to the morning commute.
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. new this morning four people have been rushed to a hospital, one of the victims is in critical condition and police say the shots were fired after two men who had no connection to the school resulted in gunfire. and a celebration in hollywood, somebody opened fire on a large crowd on hollywood boulevard near the hollywood and police took at least three people into custody after the shooting. police say they have arrested 25-year-old man, they were in a relationship, her body was found in a trash can.
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stockton police say she was reported missing in june. a report on a baby who died at daycare center. the four months old boy was found unresponsive on november 23rd. they say he never woke up from a knap. the coroner's office said the cause and man merv death are pending. and for san jose, she is accused for failing to report this. the 8-year-old victim testified along with the police officer who said the police officer acknowledged her notes indicating misconduct and this has led to and arrest after molesting five children. freeway overpasses,
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starting in san francisco and brokerly urging them to vote. it will raise a quarter of a sent and -- cent and if it fails it will trigger billions. president barack obama makes it to three battleground credibility and character states. he spent the last few days touring areas of new jersey with governor chris christie. he will campaign areas such as ohio for more campaign appearances tomorrow. meanwhile mitt romney has three scheduled appearances and he returned to campaigning yesterday african selling events because of the storm. mitt romney has avoided harsh
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criticism because of his attacks. because of people already voting they are lined up in maryland. some states are releasing the meat and 41% democrat and 41% republican. there are some new guidelines in place to help immigrants stay in the country even if they commit wanted to stay -- and even if they wanted to be here. he wore a shirt that read, i look illegal and while he didn't talk about it directly
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he welcomed the illegalness. the maker of the shirt says online orders are flurry willing in. the first two game of the series generated $18 million in tourism. the city is paying for the cleanup trans orthe pacing and the -- rants tort -- transportation and the city is paying for those commutes >> i'm not sure about it but the roads are still definitely wet. >> yes, you will see some slowed traffic as you drive through, but i want to put this on a map, northbound 880, an overturned vehicle minor injuries but you may see some
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slowed traffic in the area. let's go to see if traffic is moving well and again it is one of those things where you need to give yourself extra time as you drive through and it is 4:47, let's go to steve. about a tenthth of an n more likely tonight into tonight and there is enough of a breeze to scour things out of here. for others it took awhile to get there and i think things are starting to thin out and we will still have morning rain and our clouds and rain
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forecast will not be clear by 11:00 and it will still be mostly cloudy until later this afternoon overall a clearing trend is coming in 50s and 60s are expected and also the rain, they will be hard pressed but the radar is not here and some afternoon sun and clouds, temperatures sun 60s a few lower 70s, morning fog will be with us but the afternoon highs as we go into november, we also fall back. we gain an hour, whew! >> i need that hour right now. after that late night trick or
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treat. couple up, a new win following the championship world series win. >> it happened really quick, the a -- a man was attacked by a shark off the eureka coast, hear how he fought off a shark, stay tuned.
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. welcome back, a surf attack, a man punched the shark in the head until he let him go. he said a young great white came from underneath him grabbed his side and pulled him under water. despite suffering a 14-inch bite wound he fought back. >> my eyes were under water and i punched the shark on the side of the head a couple of times and told her to relieve lease me. >> that is what they say to do. three surfers were recovering from muscle and tissue damage but he says he plans to surf again. people are suspended of
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driving a community. they are looking for these men. one is seen smoking a cigarette. they have arrested a man in the vandalism case. cell phones show him smashing the window of the bus. 36 people were arrested last sunday and 22 people were taken into custody for yesterday's celebration and more than half was because of public drunkenness. they say they are losing money. the company wants to freeze pay and eliminate free yum pay for holiday -- premium pay for holidays and sunday. they want to bring in money from bellaire markets which it also owns. you can actually ride your bike to candle stick park.
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9ers are looking into where it is and how it will hold and they will take them on. >> and you are new to the area, it is hard getting in and out of that parking lot so biking might be an option. >> i think it might be a good idea. obviously all of us have the same message be careful because of the rain. some of us know just from driving in, just be careful out there. this is a look if you drive through but the roads are wet. same thing goes, this bridge is not good for driving into this kind of weather so be careful. there is an overturned vehicle on ramp to no injuries and the traffic will be a little bit
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busy. traffic is not all that bad as they push off to the livermore and off to a great start as they drive to caster valley, no major problems there and if you are driving, we had some tough commutes heading south. >> even the golden state warriors won last night. you were on a roll. it was weakening, about a 10th and that inch and a quarter was in the north bay. our system is moving slowly and the rain shield is stretching out and thinning out and i think there is nothing too heavy. 60s on the temperatures, fairly mild due to the cloud cover and
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some clearing to the north i do pick up some rain again nothing too heavy here. overall a lot of mid-to-upper 60s. rain clouds fog sun, with your weekend always in view, set those clocks back one hour. it is our first weekend in november. actually the return of winter weather means stir the air alerts and we will have more on burning wood and concerns about air pollution. -- pollution. wood smoke is the largest source of air pollution. record-breaking championships, we will show you the huge sounds and sites of a
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huge victory party coming up. >> stay with us.
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. overnight rain is winding down, is there more upstream and what about the weekend? the death toll continues to climb, what is next in the super storm sandy, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, welcome to november, november 1, i am dave clark. >> let's start with steve paulson. he warned us, said get out early, we've got rain starting about 6:30 off it took awhile but it is starting to move through

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